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Network Services

Get connected to the most reliable networks.

From Telstra Next IP and Internet Direct, to SD – WAN and NBN, we will get your business connected quickly.

Telstra Next IP

Telstra Next IP is the largest fully integrated national wireless and wireline IP network in Australia.

When integrated with Telstra Mobile network, it reaches 99% of the Australian population making it the largest geographic coverage in Australia. With the Next IP network, customers can access Telstra 4G/LTE mobile network, extensive Fibre network and the National Broadband Network.

The Telstra Next IP network facilitates all the solutions you need to thrive in a connected digital world. It’s more than just a connection; it’s an IP network with embedded access to future Cloud environments, collaboration tools and applications. Keep your business at the forefront of technology innovation. With a 99.99% reliability, and over 2,000 Point of Presence in 230 countries, the Telstra IP Next IP network is among the world’s most powerful and reliable.

Telstra Internet Direct

With Telstra Internet Direct, you have a dedicated link to one of the largest internet backbones in Australia – providing greater national coverage – as well as the global internet. Telstra has more Points of Presence in Australia than other providers, plus more than 900 Points of Presence worldwide for ease and speed of access.

Telstra’s high capacity network has full redundancy and in-built security, backed by proactive monitoring and management. You also have the assurance of 24/7 help desk support, while an online portal lets you view, troubleshoot and manage your service.

Telstra Internet Direct gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of carriage types, speeds, usage and pricing, the option of IPv6 addressing, as well as a range of additional services.

We offer single uplink and fully redundant solutions with bandwidth starting from 50Mbps up to 1Gbps.


SD – WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by separating the networking hardware from its control mechanism.

WANs allow companies to extend their computer networks over large distances, to connect remote branch offices to data centres and each other, and deliver the applications and services required to perform business functions.

When companies extend networks over greater distances and sometimes across multiple access technologies, they face operational challenges including network congestion, packet delay variation, packet loss, and even service outages.

Modern applications such as VoIP calling, videoconferencing, streaming media, and virtualised applications and desktops require high speed networks with minimal delays.

Bandwidth requirements are also increasing, especially for applications featuring high-definition video. It can be expensive and difficult to expand WAN capability, with corresponding difficulties related to network management and troubleshooting.

SD – WAN products are designed to address these network problems. By enhancing or even replacing traditional branch routers with virtualisation appliances that can control application-level policies and offer a network overlay, less expensive consumer-grade Internet links can act more like a dedicated circuit. This simplifies the setup process for branch personnel.

SD – WAN products can be physical appliances or virtual appliances, and are placed in small remote and branch offices, larger offices, corporate data centres, and increasingly on Cloud platforms.

National Broadband Network

As an accredited business nbn ICT Channel Adviser, our ability to work closely with the nbn direct allows us to keep customers informed throughout their migration journey and beyond meaning that Sinefo ICT Solutions can provide heighted support to ensure a smooth transition to the nbn.