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Voice Services

Listen and be heard.

There is nothing so unique as your voice, and nothing as important as listening.

Telstra SIP Connect

Telstra SIP Connect is our global SIP Trunking solution to replace traditional ISDN lines between on-site phone and unified communications. Connectivity is delivered via Telstra’s global network through broadband ethernet, by access options of using IPVPN, Public Internet or Internet IPSEC where possible.

SIP Trunking via IPVPN across two Network Node Interfaces (NNI) as primary and secondary backup solution. Telstra offers two NNIs at a data rate based on the enterprise end-customer’s service requirements.

Public Internet
SIP trunking interconnect via the Public Internet with SIP signalling and Media (RTP) directed from the Customer Edge/border element at the enterprise customer’s premises towards the Public Internet interface of the Telstra platform.

Internet IPSEC
This Public Internet connectivity option ensures that voice activity is encrypted. In this architecture, enterprise customers connect their sites to Telstra via the Public Internet with SIP signalling directed from the Customer Edge/border element at the customer’s premises towards the Telstra Gateway, and then onwards towards Telstra’s platform via MPLS. The Media (RTP) is directed from the Customer Edge/border element at the customer’s premises towards the Public Internet interface of the Telstra SBC.

All of your national and global voice and data offerings can be packaged onto one IP connection to the outside world. You can enjoy access to in-country and international PSTN numbers and calling at competitive rates. Telstra provides one central SIP Trunking connection into Telstra’s IPVPN to support your voice and data communications.

Business SIP

Business SIP’s focus is on delivering voice calls as a service application over any broadband access.

Business SIP will provide SIP trunks and the SIP NTU only, which enables you to use any broadband access and choice of broadband router. You can use your own third-party provided Internet access or any Telstra provided Internet access to carry the Business SIP service.

On Premise Phone Systems

An on-premise phone system is a system where all the hardware needed to run the system is physically located in your office.

These systems give users the control to create, adjust and delete users as desired.

The benefits of these systems include:

  • New open source feature sets can be added without any license fees
  • The ability to stay with the same carrier
  • SIP trunks can be added to save on calling costs
  • Server ownership reduces expenses over time
  • Professional training of staff on new IP-PBX system is handled by the provider

Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP, also known as a Virtual PBX, is an Internet phone system or private branch exchange (the private telephone network used within a company to make and receive phone calls outside of the business) delivered as a hosted service.

What this means is that an employee’s IP desk phone connects to a router where the calls, signalling and features all run through an IP-PBX server based at the service provider’s location.

Sinefo ICT charges a monthly fee for this service. Clients are allowed to add and remove features as and when they are needed which makes this a very flexible, affordable system.

The benefits of this systems include:

  • Sinefo ICT is responsible for running, managing and upgrading the Hosted PBX
  • Save money on installation, operation and maintenance costs
  • No need to train staff on the phone system as we take care of everything
  • We can integrate your CRM with your phone system
  • Add extra lines easily
  • Low monthly service cost with the ability to make month-to-month payments to avoid lock in.
  • Ability to forward office extensions to mobile phones
  • Ability to add phone conferencing capability
  • Potential to reduce telephone costs by up to 80% by leveraging SIP trunks,
  • WebRTC, free calling to remote extensions and reducing the number of telephony lines
  • Superior call quality when paired with the right Internet connection

Video Conferencing

Sinefo ICT can set up systems where video conferences with multiple participants are a breeze to create and run.

High speed Internet, combined with the right package of software and hardware results, in flawless video conferences with clear sound, stable picture and the ability to record the sessions.

We can create meeting room systems, desktop systems or an integrated solution that combines both options.