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Protecting your information is our top priority. Let us keep you safe.

Managed Routers and Firewalls

The data you generate and gather on a daily basis – whether by product, customer, or vendor – is invaluable. This makes proactively protecting business data an ongoing priority.

Cyber security threats have long since evolved from the days when anti-virus software was the be-all, end-all of computer protection. While still an important network component for protecting a file system against unwanted programs, managed business routers and firewalls provide more complete protection.

Taking a more multifaceted approach to protecting your business internet security ensures that you’re protected against detected external threats, by denying access in the first place.

Firewalls are essentially that: walls preventing access, blocking unwanted traffic or threats.

Taking the form of either software or hardware, firewalls put up a barrier between your network and outside traffic, granting administrators with the ability to monitor everything that flows in and out of your dedicated internet access plan.

At the entry point of your established network, a firewall is configured to block or allow access to individuals, based on predetermined firmware rule sets. If the required criteria are not met upon attempting to enter (or exit), traffic will be turned away. Access will be restricted (unless otherwise approved). This monitoring and control of traffic is made possible through tactics that include packet filtering, proxy service, stateful inspection, and circuit-level gateway firewalls.

Sinefo ICT Solutions are accredited to provide solutions on Lancom, Cisco Meraki, Sophos and Check Point.

Back up and Disaster Recovery

Ever remember losing a floppy disc? Back up is fairly self-explanatory but essentially you need an extra copy (or multiple copies) of data.

Backed up data can be restored after an accidental deletion, database corruption, or problem with a software upgrade.

Disaster recovery refers to the plan and processes for quickly re-establishing access to applications, data, and IT resources after an unplanned outage.

Back up and disaster recovery are two different things. If you have a major service outage, you won’t be able to access your data (whether it’s backed up or not).

A disaster recovery plan will ensure you are back in business ASAP in the event of an unforeseen service outage, and ongoing back up maintenance will ensure that your data is safely replicated in multiple locations.

End Point Protection

Ever remember losing a floppy disc? Back up is fairly self-explanatory but essentially you need an extra copy (or multiple copies) of data.

Today’s borderless networks are redefining endpoint protection. With a variety of endpoints freely accessing networks, they’re storing sensitive corporate data. Most of the successful data breaches start on endpoints, and therefore a preventative approach to endpoint security can help stop cyber attacks on your IT environment. Sinefo ICT Solutions’ strong partnerships with multiple vendors that are at the leading edge of Cyber Security, can provide a tailored Enterprise grade end point protection solution to suit your requirements and budget.